The simplest way to understand how deals move through the funnel

Turbocharge your sales pipeline review

If you find it hard to draw any actionable conclusions out of your pipeline development report, you’re not alone.

Christoph Janz from Point Nine Capital wrote a great piece on this problem in "A better way to visualize pipeline".

"I've always thought that pipeline development charts should work a bit more like a cohort analysis"

Christoph Janz

Point Nine Capital

How healthy is my pipeline?

What if you could easily answer these questions?

What has happened to my pipeline in the last 30 days?

How much of my pipeline is tied to new deals?

What are the bottlenecks in my opportunity flow?

What opportunities require my attention?

"I love my MadKudu dashboards and reports in Salesforce, they've helped increase dramatically the productivity of my sales team."

Matthieu Vaxelaire

CEO, Mention

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Q: What is involved in setting up MadKudu Opportunity Scoring?

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Signup with MadKudu, turn on the Salesforce integration, and you're done!

Q: What CRMs are currently supported for MadKudu Opportunity Scoring?

Currently only Salesforce is supported but Pipedrive and are coming soon.

Q: How is the pricing structured for MadKudu Opportunity Scoring?

Flat rate of $249/month. As part of the early access program, we are offering a 14-day trial.

Q: Do the reports come pre-built with MadKudu Opportunity Scoring?

Because each company looks at their business differently, we do not automatically roll out reports. However you can see here how to add the reports into your daily sales dashboards and reports.


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